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A brick is a small rectangular block or a singular unit of a molded clay with a mixed up of loam, fine sand and lime, or cement ingredient. It is then fired-harden, sun or air-dried harden before set to be end product for usage.

Bricks are produced in different forms, types, products, and usually produced in large quantities. Bricks are commonly used in any building construction due to the following benefits.



Bricks offer great protection from the heat. The buildings that were built with bricks are usually cool both day and night.


Since houses built with bricks are protected from heat, there is a greater reduction of cost associated with the use of electricity which ought to have been consumed by the air conditioners.


There is also a reduced noise at minimum since bricks are high in density.


Bricks are made from 100% natural substance which does not contain any chemicals. It has the advantage of resisting any fire accident because it can withstand fire for more than two hours.



Buildings of bricks can stand the test of time. It is on record that they can last for more than one hundred years.

Tips to use when erecting your building.
  • Ensure you chose the right type of brick for your building.
  • Your choice of bricks (cement or bricks) should be of standard quality.
  • Well dug for wall footing should be twice the width of the select brick.
  • Make sure you have your building plan done for you by expert and you should keep to the building plan.
  • Laying of bricks should always start from the corner and later outward.
  • Choking of the bricks should be done with quality cement.
  • Always checks your work to see it is on level as you work.

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